Photo Gallery

Img 0769
Alaska Dalton Highway Trucker
"drive" the Dalton at Carilie's Truck Driving Simulator, an exclusive pass you receive when you go with Salmon Berry Tours on the Big Rig Experience!
Truck Driving Simulator Snow Storm
The view from the drivers seat...
Lisa and crew
Lisa and the crew who made the show famous!
Carlile Transportation Truck
Take photos with the Carlile Transportation Truck and Trailer
Snowshoeing is fun!
Beluga Point
The Scenic Seward Highway one of America's most beautiful Byways!
Elk bugle 1
The Elk will call to the females in October/November at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
Salmon Berry at the AWCC
160-Acre Center allows our small groups to combine walking with driving to ensure that guests are comfortable and get a look at the habitats within the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
Chugach Forest Welcome sign
The 2nd Largest National Forest in the US, the Chugach is home to over 10,000 glaciers!
Dog Sledding
Reddington's sled dogs, you can choose to take a short dog sled ride at the Iditarod Headquarters
Happy Trails Kennel Tour
Martin Buser's Happy Trails Kennel
Candice & Iditarod puppy
Candice and the Iditarod Puppy at the Iditarod Headquarters
Iditarod Headquarters
Enjoy time at the Iditarod Headquarters with your tour guide
Michaela with Martin Buser Puppy
On the Happy Trails Kennel Tour, you get time with the newest canine athletes!
Get excited! Here we go!
Enjoy the views from the Robinson R44 Helicopter with your pilot
500 ft above a glacier!
Fly 500 feet above a glacier on Alaska's Helicopter with Glacier Landing Tour
The blue ice
See the blue ice of a glacier on this helicopter with glacier landing tour
The backseat view...still grand!
The Helicopter will seat 3 plus a pilot so even the backseat view is great!
Two way Communication enables you to speak to the pilot
Two way communication enables you to speak with the pilot aboard the helicopter
Above All
Land on a glacier in Alaska
Blue Ice as we land
View the ice walls and pools on a glacier in Alaska
Ice Caves
See the ice caves on a glacier in Alaska!
Watch the blue ice
From the helicopter, view the ice of a glacier in the Chugach National Park
Helicopter winter 09 024web
Even in the winter...
Halloween 135
Salmon Surprise Dark Chocolate Truffle at the Modern Dwellers Chocolate Lounge on the Chocolate City Circuit Tour
Halloween 140 2
White Chocolate Truffles that taste like cheesecake!
Holidayrum 2
Holiday Rum Truffles only served at the Modern Dwellers Chocolate Lounge in Anchorage!
Take your Snowmachine into the backcountry of Alaska
Crow Creek Mine
Historic Crow Creek Gold Mine
Pan for gold right in the river...bring your waterproof shoes!

The walk to Crow Creek Mine...equipped with shovels, pans & pay dirt your guide will lead you down to the rivers edge

It's worth the walk down to the creek. This is no sightseeing are going to get dirty on our Historic Crow Creek Mine Tour

Settle down in a pool and start digging at Crow Creek Mine.
Framed gold pan 1
At the end of each pan, carefully look for your gold. You will have a container to place your find in...what you find you keep at Crow Creek!
Enjoy this sights at Beluga Point!
Enjoy the sights at Beluga Point along the scenic Turnagain Arm!
Travel Southbound on the Seward Highway
Your guide takes you south along the scenic Seward Highway to the gold town of Girdwood
Caribou or Reindeer?
Caribou or can find out at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center!
Moose at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
Moose at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
Bison like treats!
After Halloween, each animal receives pumpkins donated by the local grocery stores! Thank you to all the sponsors & donations!
Paraglide Alyeska
We will take you up Mt. Alyeska; however, some guests choose to Paraglide down. If you would like to Paraglide Alaska...just let your guide know!
Chunky Porcupine!
Meet Snickers the Porcupine at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center!
Moose at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
Moose at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
Snowmobiles, snowmachines or ski doos...they are all the same!
View from the Glacier on the Snowmachine Tour! When conditions are right we can get all the way to the glacier!
Visit the Roundhouse Museum!
At the top of Mt. Alyeska we can visit the Roundhouse Museum to learn about Girdwood's gold rush days & the ski slopes of today!
Luck awaits us at AWCC
The entrance to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center...we were lucky to get this photo!
Mount Alyeska Tramway
The Mount Alyeska Aerial Tramway on our Turnagain Turnaround Tour
The Seward Highway
Enjoy the views from the scenic Seward Highway on our Turnagain Turnaround Tour
Alyeska Aerial Tramway
This it the view from the Mt. Alyeska tramway terminal. We ride the tram up 2,300 feet to the top of the terminal for a visit through the Roundhouse Museum and a chance to take photos of the Turnagain Arm and Glacier Valley
Jen at the top of Alyeska
This is Jen at the top of Mt. Alyeska. In May, we still have stop atop the mountain!
Meet Hugo at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. This center is fenced in so the animals don't eat each other but photos are still great and their habitats are large. Hugo, Patron and Joe Boxer share the largest bear habitat in North America!
The Tram & Lunch
The Tramway at Mount Alyeska - it's enclosed so even on rainy days it's a nice ride. Sometimes we even see animals!
Wardle family turnagain arm
The Turnagain Turn tour is great for families and groups!
Iditarod Puppies on our Glacier Dog Sledding Tour!
Autumn alyeska
Full Day Snowmachine Tour from Anchorage
This full day snowmachine tour from Anchorage is great for groups!
Glacier on tour in Alaska
Blue ice from the full full day snowmobile tour from Anchorage
Robinson Helicopters
Ride in a Robinson R44 Helicopter to the glacier with your professional helicopter pilot. Transportation available from Anchorage or Girdwood.
Hatcher Pass in the Summer Months...a view from our Valley Vistas Tour!
Anchorage with the Inlet...a view along our Scenic City Tour
Fault line
Walk along the Fault Line that shook Anchorage and coastal Alaska in 1964 on our 2 hour scenic city tour of Anchorage!
Flowers and cabin
The Salmon Berry Tours office is right across the street from the Log Cabin Visitors Center in downtown Anchorage.
Take a walk to the Flat Top Mountain Scenic Overlook for views of the city from 1000 feet. Your walk is about 15 minutes in length.
Dsc 0346
Flat Top Mountain from the Scenic Overlook! On our tour we go to the overlook; however, there is a shuttle in town that will take you up Flat Top & give you time to hike to the top and back down!
Gold is hard workweb
Goldwe dig itweb
Img 0957 1
Img 0958 1
Img 0959
John gold panning 1 1
John gold panning 2
Kenai in the morningweb
Look what i foundweb
Prospector john showing off mandys findweb
Sbt trying to strike rich in cooper landingweb
Deck space at glacier2 large 620 500 65 all 3 s c1
Blackstone glacier large 620 500 65 all 3 s c1
Tess wardle on glacier
Two happy guests on the Talkeetna Tour & Fly
City shot from lagoon 2
Heritage center village
Img 8530
Native games
Village site
Whale bones
100 1792web
The Summer Dog Sledding Tour includes hotel pick up, kennel tour, a short ride & an Iditarod presentation.
100 1794web
Puppies at the Chugach Express Kennel in Girdwood! Our Summer Dog Sledding program includes some cuddle time with the newest additions!
Snowshoe in Anchorage
Showshoe Anchorage! This Anchorage Dog Sledding tour includes a snowshoe walk, a 45 minute dog sled ride & transportation from your hotel!
Dog Mushing in Style
Ride in style out to the trails!
Dallas Seavey's Dogs
Saying Thank You!
Salmon Berry Tours Gold Mine Tour
Take our guided transportation to meet your snowmachine guide at an old gold mine!
Gold Mine Snowmachine
You will follow your snowmachine guide. Each guest over the age of 16 will have their own machine to drive!
Salmon Berry Tours with Glacier City Snowmobiles
Ride into the Chugach Mountains with peaks towering over 7,000 feet!
Glacier City Snowmobiles and Salmon Berry Tours
This is the view from the windsheild of the snowmachine!
Come mush with us!
Come dog sledding at the Dallas Seavey Racing Kennel!
Look at all that snow!
The meadows have a TON of snow! Take your holiday card photo on tour with us! hehe
Dixie & Fiesty
Meet Dixie & Fiesty!
This is Dixie from Wings & Paws kennel out of Talkeetna
Ride on the tag-along sled
On our winter dog sledding tour, you get the chance to ride on the runners of the tagalong sled
Views from the Basket
This is the view from the basket of the dog sled! Each guest will also get to try out the basket...this is where you can get photos & videos from your time on the sled!
It's worth the walk!
It's worth the walk...we take a short walk down the hill to meet the musher in the meadows.
We will get LOTS of great photos for you!
Our guide will take lots of photos & compile a photo CD for you to take back home with you!
Dreiss from Belgium, one of Dallas' kennel hands
This is Dreiss one of Dallas' past kennel hands...Dreiss ran the Yukon Quest, another 1000 mile dog sled race!
Guiness, one of the Lead Dogs
Guiness...she is one of Dallas Seavey's lead dogs. She's Mandy's favorite!!
Fiero, a Team Dog
Fiero...from a car themed litter. Dog mushers have to come up with creative names for their puppies. As puppies are born, they select a theme & go with it! If you have an idea for a good puppy theme, just let us know!
Relaxing after a Run
Relaxing after a quick trip. Our 6-7 mile trip is easy for these dogs. It's a great little warm up for them to prepare them for the evenings long training runs.
Hello! These dogs are so friendly!
This is Where We Mush
This is where we mush. It's so quiet and so peaceful. On a clear day, you can even see Mt. McKinley on the trails!
Beautiful Meadow
This photo is taken from Kashwitna Lake on our way to Dallas Seavey's homestead in Willow
Meet the Dallas Seavey Racing Team
See the Blue Ice Paradise!
If we can get back to the glacier, this is what we will be able to drive through!
Guided Snow Machine Tours
This is a guided snowmachine tour where your guide leads you along the trail
View from the handlebars
The view from the handlebars on our Alaskan snowmachine tour!
Great experience for families!
This experience is great for families. Little ones that are younger than 16 can ride 2-up with an adult in your party! There is a passenger ride along price for the little ones!
Smile through your Snowmachine Helmet
Smiling through their Snowmachine Helmet
Aktour 166web
Our tent at the Iditarod Starting Line!
Aktour 176web
Relaxing on the lake at the Iditarod Starting Line! We bring a few camp chairs; however, we will also stop at Fred Meyers so you can purchase your own camp chair if you need one all day.
Aktour 233web
Jen Seavey smiling for the camera! She has ran in the Iditarod & looks on as Dallas comes up to the finish line. She's training future Iditarod champion, Annie Seavey :)
Iditarod 2010 dallas web
Dallas Seavey getting ready to start his 1000 mile journey to Nome
Img 0114
People from all over come to Willow Lake the first weekend in March to watch the Annual Iditarod Starting Line Event!
Img 0143
This photo was taken from the community center where guests can go to warm up and use indoor's crowded so we recommend the rustic restrooms outside!
Img 1172web
The chute...this was taken steps from our tent which is set up right by the Starting Line each year. We arrive early enough so you can find a spot along the fencing to cheer on your favorite mushers!
Enjoy a helicopter flight with glacier landing! This scenic 1 hour flight will take you into the Chugach Mountains
Helicopter in Alaska
Land on a glacier in Alaska...take photographs, enjoy the stillness around you!
Helicopter Landing in Alaska
Ice caves can commonly be seen on this tour; however, this depends on snow conditions
Helicopter Flight over Alaska
The view from the helicopter! Go over glacial ice fields, outwash plains & valleys
A close up photo of the glacial crevasses...
Join us for our Wildlife Tour in the Alaskan winter wonderland! Your guaranteed to see Alaskan wildlife and enjoy the beautiful Turnagain Arm. Let us drive, just bring your camera!
Join us on our winter wildlife tour in Alaska! Guaranteed to see Alaskan wildlife and scenery along the Turnagain Arm
Turnagain Arm in the Winter
We always stop for photos at Beluga Point! Don't forget your camera!
Turnagain Arm in the Winter
This photo was taken of the snow covered train tracks along the Seward Highway. The rail isn't used southbound during the winter months so go on one of our tours to view the scenery
The Scenic Seward Highway
Another view of Beluga Point at Sunrise. In the winter, you will either catch sunrise or sunset because the days are just a bit shorter :)
Scenic Seward Highway
The Turnagain Arm along our winter wildlife tour from Anchorage
Seward Highway
Across the Turnagain Arm are the Kenai Mountains which are seen along our south bound tours
A Couple along the Turnagain
Two happy guests on our tour south of Anchorage! Your Salmon Berry Tours guide will be your photographer for the day...just ask us & we will snap away!
Elk Family at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
The Elk female and calf at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
Elk Family at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
The Elk herd is so regal at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
Portage in the Winter
Take a look at this photograph taken from the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
Moose at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
The Moose at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center enjoying pumpkins after Halloween...thank you to all the generous donations received!
Caribou at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
Reindeer or Caribou?? You will learn it from your guide when you do our complete tour through the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center!
Sunset on the Turnagain Arm
Sunset along the Seward Highway, one of America's most scenic Byways.
Portage Valley
The peaks surround you at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center...this 200-acre facility is located in the beautiful Portage Valley
At the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
Along the Turnagain Arm
Scenic photo stops, an interesting guide & 4 hours round trip from Anchorage
Seward Highway in Alaska
The sunset along the scenic Turnagain Arm...
In Portage Valley at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
Our guide will give you a complete tour through the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
Portage Valley in the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
Welcome to Portage Valley and the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center!
2009 howard mandy marcieweb
Mandy, Howard & Marcie on tour along the Turnagain Arm
2009 mandy and marcieweb
Our guide will tell you all about the area you are covering! This photo is taken at Beluga Point!
Attaway 033web
This photo was taken by a guest at the top of the Mount Alyeska Aerial Tramway!
Attaway 034web
Along the Roundhouse Museum walking path...great place for photos & to see the skiers take off down the slopes!
Attaway 035web
Looking out at the Chugach Mountains at Mount Alyeska in Girdwood
Attaway 036web
Along the way, your guide will share with you stories from the 1964 Earthquake and how it impacted coastal Alaska
Attaway 037web
A bald eagle photograph taken on tour. This bald eagle was sitting atop one of the ghost trees at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
Attaway 039web
This female reindeer will come up to say hello at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
A wintery photo taken on our Winter Turnagain Turnaround Tour
Sbtpicsmandy 042web
The Portage Valley at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
Sbtpicsmandy 048web
Photos are endless on these winter Turnagain Turnaround Tours! Along the drive you can even take photos of Avalanches along the Seward Highway!
Sbtpicsmandy 049web
Portage Valley is a quick day trip from Anchorage with your guide who will drive so you don't have to worry about the roads!
Seward highway ice web
Frozen waterfalls are spotted along the drive from Anchorage to Girdwood!
Tram into dock web
As the tram docks into the upper tramway terminal, your guide will lead you to the viewing decks & away from the crowds. We share the tramway car with skiers, boarders & outdoor enthusiast on the way up; however, on our ride down the tramway, sights
Tram ride web
Enjoy the scenic tram ride up Mt. Alyeska!
Winter tram
The Winter Tram rides every 15 minutes...your guide will go up the tramway with you & take care of all the admissions!
Winter tram2 web
The winter tramway at the lower tram terminal!
Winter Tram at the Alyeska Resort
A wild bald eagle at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
A random eagle at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
The Roundhouse Museum
The Roundhouse at the Mt. Alyeska Tramway
Snowshoe in Girdwood
We add on a snowshoe stroll in Moose Meadows
Snowshoe in Moose Meadows
Moose Meadows is a great place for a snowshoe walk in the winter! Bring your snow gear! If you don't have any...just ask us! We may have what are you looking for!
Snowshoe in Chugach Park
This is great for groups...have you ever had a foot race on snowshoes?
Stand in the snow in the early season to take in the views of Glacier Valley! This photo was taken in May! We usually still have snow at the top of Mt. Alyeska until late June!
Alaska Range
The Alaska Range at dusk...on our way to watch for the lights!
Mt. McKinley awaits us!
Mt. McKinley in the morning! On our Overnight trip, wake up to McKinley on a clear day!
Night shot before dark...Mt. McKinley
This was taken right before dark, Mt. McKinley is in the background
Snow Shoe through the Beautiful Birch Trees
On our tour, we will snowshoe through birch trees to the river's edge where we will wait for the Aurora to come out
Come on in!
The Talkeetna Roadhouse welcomes us...our overnight option includes an overnight stay, dinner & breakfast served at the historic Talkeetna Roadhouse!
Walk to the Talkeetna River
Your guide will walk with you out to the Talkeetna River for viewing. On this tour, we didn't even need snowshoes the trail was packed down so nicely!
The Talkeetna Roadhouse became a designated Roadhouse in the 1940s!
The Talkeetna Roadhouse became a designated Alaskan Roadhouse in the 1940s but they have been serving up food WAY longer than that! Their delicious creations were featured on the Food Network as well as the Travel Channel!
Winter fun in Alaska
Winter Fun in Talkeetna! Late fall after the snow flies, you can still see high bush cranberries adorning some of the branches!
Snow Shoes upon your feet, we will trek to the river to spot the lights!
Snowshoes upon your feet, we will walk you out to try out hand at aurora viewing. Bring your warmest clothes but we do have a lending closet for those of you who forgot something!
December guests come to look for the lights!
These guests came in December to view the lights. This photo was taken on the other side of the river, we can safely cross using the rail bridge walking path to get to the other side for a different view of the lights.
Dusk in Talkeetna
Dusk in Talkeetna...and now we wait
Welcome to Talkeetna
You can't go to Talkeetna & not get your picture taken by the Welcome Sign!
Want a sample of Salmon Surprise? or maybe you prefer Anchovy Amour today?
Want a sample of Salmon Surprise or maybe Anchovy Amour today??
Holiday Rum truffles on sale only during the holidays! They make for great Christmas presents!
Holiday Rum Truffles are available only during the holiday season...this makes a yummy gift!
Order up a hot drink to take with you on our city tour!
Order up a hot drink & take it on the rest of the city tour!
Relax and have a sample at the Chocolate Lounge!
Relax & sample the drinking chocolate at the Modern Dwellers Chocolate Lounge!
Mandy's Favorite! Peppermint Dust is sure to please all but it is only served during the holidays!
This is Mandy's favorite...peppermint dust! This is sure to please all but only served up during the holiday season!
Hot cocoa on the chocolate tour
Warm up with hot chocolate on this city tour of Anchorage
Attaway 001web
Attaway 004web
Attaway 005web
Attaway 006web
Attaway 007web
Attaway 009web
Attaway 015web
Attaway 016web
Attaway 017web
Attaway 018web
Attaway 019web
Attaway 020web
Attaway 021web 1
Attaway 028web
Attaway 021web 2
Attaway 022web 1
Attaway 024web 1
Attaway 025web 1
Attaway 029web 1
Town square xmas tree
Native dancing
P1000322web 1
Debra Dawn and her Big Rig
Consider yourself a Big Rig Expert by the end of the tour!
Peek into a Carlile Sleeper Truck
Peek into a Carlile Sleeper Truck...ever wonder what one of these big rigs looks like inside?
Annette at the Trucking Simulator
Annette on the Truck Driving Simulator!
Annette at the Truck Driving Simulator
Watch out Annette! Candice made a snow storm and icy road conditions present on the truck driving simulator at the Carlile Transportation facility in the port of Anchorage!
Annette at Carilie's Truck Driving Simulator
Our Favorite Glacier
Portage Glacier from the Portage Boat Cruise
Portage boat in dock
Portage Glacier view from the Portage Glacier Boat Cruise Lot
Portage guests looking
Looking out at Portage Glacier aboard the MV Ptarmigan
Portage ice
Cruise through the ice with Portage Glacier Cruise
Watch, Listen & Enjoy the Portage Glacier
Ptarmigan with glacier 3
See one of Alaska's most visited glaciers!
Ptarmigan with glacier 4
Get up to 300 yards to the face of Portage Glacier
Ptarmigan with glacier
Enjoy the 1 hour cruise through Portage Lake to the face of Portage Glacier
Salmon Berry at Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
Ride in Style with your Salmon Berry Tours guide
Alyeska Hotel Tramway
Mt. Alyeska Aerial Tramway at Hotel Alyeska
Alyeska Tramway
Ride the Tramway with your guide to see the seven hanging glaciers in Glacier Valley
Alaska Moose
Visit the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
Dahl Sheep in Chugach Mountains
Possibly see Dahl Sheep along the Chugach Mountainside at Windy Point
Baby Moose
Baby Moose at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center!
Alaska Porcupine
Meet Snickers the Porcupine at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
Elk calf
Alaskan moose 2
See Moose up close at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
Porcupine at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
Snickers is the friendliest porcupine in all of Portage Valley! Visit Snickers at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. He is also one of the animals you can choose to adopt to help feed & maintain his habitat all year round!
May in Alaska Coyote
This is the Coyote at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center!
Baby Bison born at the AWCC
Baby Bison are born each spring! 33 are expected in 2012 - want to see the newest additions to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
Female Elk at the AWCC
This Elk female will commonly come close to the fencing so guests can get an up close view of this herding animal
Watching the Musk Ox Herd at the AWCC
The Musk Ox herd at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
Moose in Alaska
See Jack the Moose at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center!
Red Fox in Alaska
Red Fox are rescued each year & brought to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
Bison who were released in 2009
The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center started as the Wood Bison Restoration Project. Our hopes is that they will release these animals into the wilds of Alaska soon!
Alpine helicopter
Halloween 142
Try a unique hand crafting dark chocolate truffle on this sweet city tour
Look at what I found at Crow Creek!
Real Gold Panning at Crow Creek
Great for kids and families, this gold mine tour can be modified for your group to include a barbeque lunch!
Dsc 1118
Crow Creek is beautiful!
Dsc 1131
Blue ice on tour in Alaska
In the glacier ice on the full day guided snowmobile tour from Anchorage
At the glacier on the snowmobile tour
At the Glacier's Edge on the full day snowmobile tour from Anchorage
Alaska flag
Photos are amazing on this Glacier Dog Sledding Trip!
The kennel views from above!
View from the basket of a Glacier Dog Sledding Tour
Dog camp on punchbowl glacier
Back at dog camp enjoy learning about these canine athletes and cuddle a few puppies!
Glacier dog camp guests
Your guide will provide you with a light waterproof layer as well as overboots to keep your feet dry. Get photos in the snow in an Alaskan summer!
Punchbowl glacier dog camp
This is the punchbowl glacier dog camp, operated by Seavey's Ididaride
Jantour 051
Coming up into Hatcher Pass your guide will stop for photos on this Valley Vistas Tour
Jantour 131
The views of the valley on the Valley Vistas Tour
Jantour 145
Coming down Hatcher Pass - this was taken just before the old Motherlode Lodge
Dsc 1166
The Valley Vistas Tour includes a visit to the Iditarod Headquarters
Candice & a sled dog puppy at the Iditarod Headquarters on our Valley Vistas Tour
Dsc 0014
Earthquake Park in Anchorage on our 2 hour Scenic City Tour. Our tour is unique that we take visitors to the monument!
Dsc 0353
Ride in style in one of our Salmon Berry Tours vehicles. Get more information on our fleet on our "About Us" page!
Dsc 0345
Don't forget your camera! Our 2 hour scenic city tour includes scenic stops for pictures along the way!
Dsc 0347
The Walk to Flat Top Mountain Scenic Overlook is paved in the Chugach State Parks. Many times we see moose on our way up to the Glen Alps Trailhead!
Dario summer
Meet your Musher, Dario! Dario is lead dog at the Chugach Express Kennels & we visit him and his team on our Summer Dog Sledding Tour!
Dsc 0902
Your Salmon Berry Tours guide will provide you with a knowledgeable look at the area, information on dog sledding, the Iditarod & the gold rush town of Girdwood!
Dsc 0903
Dario will tell you all about the great sport of dog mushing! This Anchorage dog sledding tour is about 4-5 hours in length from Anchorage!
Dsc 0914
Puppies! Summer Dog Sledding with Chugach Express and Salmon Berry Tours!
Dsc 0916
More Puppies with our Summer Dog Sledding!
Dsc 0921
A happy Salmon Berry Tours guest with Dario's puppies!
Summer Wedding on a Glacier in Alaska
Consider having a wedding on a glacier in Alaska!
Dsc 0982
If you are up for it, Dario will help you Harness up one of the dogs!
Dsc 1001
Quick summer dog sledding ride!
Dsc 1037
We follow the Chugach Mountains to the ski town of Girdwood where we meet our musher & go on our Summer Dog Sledding Tour!
Dsc 1060
Get ready for take off! Your pilot has 2 way communication with you at all times, the
One of the Lead Dogs
Meet the dogs! One of the differences between this tour & the full day tour is the kennel tour. On Anchorage Dog Sledding, the dogs arrive via dog truck. There is not kennel tour on the Anchorage Dog Sledding program.
Ak dsd sbt 0156
Dog Sledding in Alaska
Views from Chugach State Parks. Your guide will mush the trails & you can sit back, relax & enjoy the views from the trail.
Dog Sledding in the Mountains
Early Season...Upper Huffman Trailhead. There are multiple trailheads your musher can choose from. In the early season of 2011, Alaska Sled Dog Tours were using the Upper Huffman Trail.
On the trail dog sledding
This is taken from the Lower Eagle River Trailhead! What a great Trailhead...we traverse Eagle River on the dog team & the wooded trails make a nice introduction to snowshoeing
Ak dsd sbt 0123
Ak dsd sbt 0157
Ak dsd sbt 0181
Dsc 0458
That picnic table will soon be where we enjoy our trailside treat...s'mores!
Chugach Mountains
Snowmobile into Alaska!
Snowmobile Tour in Chugach Mountains
Dee dee
Dee Dee taking off for Nome! Good luck Dee Dee!
Dsc 0200
Our new tent!! Thank you AK Tent & Tarp - this is exactly what we needed!
Dsc 0283
Strap on some snowshoes and go for a stroll with a Salmon Berry guide! You can get further down the trail to see more of the action!
Dsc 0289
The Iditarod Starting Line in Alaska...multiple countries are represented each year!
Dsc 0301
Winter folks on deck large 620 500 65 all 3 s c1
Moose at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
The Moose at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center...there is fencing so the animals don't eat each other but you do have the chance to get great photos like this one!
Moose at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
This Moose at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center is relaxing against the fencing!
Musk Ox herd at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
Musk Ox Herd at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center!
Seward highway scenic byway 2
Sunset on the Seward Highway...taken at 4:00pm!
Ice Wedge along the Turnagain Arm
Ice Wedge along the Turnagain Arm
The Star Lady explains all...
The Star Lady meets us for a late night talk about the Aurora & the Alaskan sky
Our Star Lady!
Our Star Lady brings her own globe so you don't have to bring yours! She will show you your house and the sky in relation to our house and our sky!
Snowshoe Walk to see Northern Lights
A dark walk out to go viewing...we bring headlamps to light our way then turn them off once we get there so our night vision isn't distorted!
Your home away from home...the Historic Talkeenta Roahouse
The Talkeetna Roadhouse lit up at night...our home away from home!
Talkeetna Roadhouse on Main Street
The Talkeetna Roadhouse is where we will meet for dinner of homemade soup, bread & hot coffee or tea.
Dsc 0223
This village scene was constructed out of gingerbread and displayed in the windows at the Talkeetna Roadhouse! Yummy!
Little Cabin in the Back at the Talkeetna roadhouse
Upgrade to the Lil Cabin in the back for an overnight stay!
Dsc 1169
Dsc 0181
Pioneer peak
Dsc 1166
Valley vistas
Dsc 0167
700 6681
700 6686
700 6696
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Pinzgauer Tours in Alaska
Pinzgauer Tours in Alaska with pick up from Anchorage Hotel
Gold Panning at Crow Creek Mine
Gold Panning in Alaska at Historic Crow Creek Mine
Crow Creek Mine
Family friendly tours from Anchorage
Alaska gold rush
Experience the Alaska Gold Rush at Crow Creek Mine
Historic Crow Creek Mine
Oldest buildings in Anchorage are located at Crow Creek Mine
6x6 Scenic Mountain Safari
Scenic Mountain Safari in Girdwood
Family Friendly Tours in Alaska
This is family friendly tour of Alaska! Child rates/family rates available!
ATV Tours in Alaska
Anchovy at Modern Dwellers Chocolate Lounge
You get to pick so why not pick Anchovy Amore??
Buna Truffle at Modern Dwellers Chocolate Lounge
At Modern Dwellers Chocolate Lounge enjoy hand made artisan truffles
Drinking Chocolate
Order a cup of Drinking Chocolate to enjoy on your tour! A sample is included!
Spicy or Smooth Drinking Chocolate
Dog sledding in Anchorage
Anchorage Dog Sledding Tours
Alaska Dog Sledding
Dallas Seavey Dog Sledding
Halloween 135
Halloween 142
Halloween 140
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Ak dsd sbt 0249
Matanuska Glacier Lodge
Lunch overlooking the glacier
Matanuska Glacier Park
Glacier views in Alaska
Matanuska Glacier
Matanuska Glacier view of the blue ice
Snowmobile Sleigh on the glacier
Ride a snowmachine on the Matanuska Glacier
Ice Cave at the Matanuska Glacier
Explore the Matanuska Glacier with a professional glacier guide
slide down a glacier
Matanuska Glacier experience the blue ice
ice cave in Alaska
Alaska ice cave on Matanuska Glacier
Blue Ice, white ice and black ice
Dee dee
Dee Dee taking off for Nome! Good luck Dee Dee!
Meet the Dallas Seavey Racing Team
Mushing dog
Finish line sam w resized
Img 4168-1
Michaela with Martin Buser Puppy
On the Happy Trails Kennel Tour, you get time with the newest canine athletes!
Mahays devils canyon
Zipline 2
Zipline 3
Mahays whitewater
Mahays culture site
Mahays boat loading
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Train.hurricane gulch
Knik blue ice
Helicopter winter 09 014
Helicopter winter 09 004web
Alpine air helicopter 3
Alpine air helicopter
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100 1894
Carmen lake
Jet boat
Jetboat interior
Canyoneering 2
Canyoneering 3
Turnagain arm photo stop 2
Turnagain arm photo stop
Crow creek mine 2
Crow creek panning 2
Crow creek panning
Pinzgauer 2
Dog camp arial
Dog camp on punchbowl glacier
Glacier dog camp guests
Heli at airport
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