Christmas In Alaska

Christmas In Alaska
By Andrew on August 12, 2015

Christmas in Alaska. There’s simply nothing like it, and for a special class of adventurers, there’s no better season to experience life in the last frontier.

Find out how Alaskans play and party in a winter wonderland made temperate by Southcentral Alaska’s close proximity to the sea.

Experience the heart of winter here in the Chugach Mountains – where it snows more than anywhere else on earth. Feast Alaskan-style - we treat our guests to great food, like the 4-star Christmas dinner at Mt. Alyeska. Indulge in authentic experiences - like snowshoeing under the northern lights near the rustic town of Talkeetna.

For some of our guests, a first summer trip to Alaska is the just start of year-round adventuring. We’ve built this tour for this special class of adventurer, for those that seek out rare and wild off-season experiences, those called to celebrate the season in a land less ordinary.

It is to you, noble Alaska winter adventurer, that we extend this special invitation of fireside warmth, cold weather adventures, and holiday cheer. All brought to you by the friends you’ve learned to trust at Salmon Berry Tours. 


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