COVID-19 updates from the SBT Family

COVID-19 updates from the SBT Family
By Mandy on March 11, 2020

Tour operations are temporarily suspended from March 18 - June 1, 2020. We ask our travelers to heed the advice of officials at CDC and reschedule nonessential travel. At this time, we expect to resume tour operations on June 1, 2020 & look forward to having you out on tour with us! 

If you need to cancel your plans first ask yourself:  are you on a day trip only? or are you on a multi-day itinerary? Day trip guests will receive an email with a "e-ticket confirmation" with full payment due at the time of booking. Guests booked on a multi-day itinerary receive an email with an itinerary once deposit is secured with final balance processed 60 days prior to travel. 

We know that no one likes to cancel; however, we do incur costs at the time of booking. We are encouraging travelers to purchase travel insurance and if you do need any additional documentation from us to submit your claim, please let us know!  Take a look below at our flexible travel options for Summer 2020.

For SBT Day Trips

  • Can guests move their reservation to next year or receive a credit to rebook in a stated period of time? 

    Yes, we can move the existing reservation to an alternative date. This applies for all trips scheduled to travel on or after June 1, 2020. Guests must be rebooked for travel inside 13 months from the original travel date. Example: If traveling in June 2020, you must reschedule and travel by July 2021. 

  • If guests are from a region with imposed travel restrictions (CDC Level 2 & Level 3) and need to cancel, can they get a refund? Yes, we will cancel without penalty for guests from these regions, while travel restrictions are in place.
  • If guests are cancelling an itinerary, can they get a refund? Our standard cancellation policy applies: guests will need to cancel outside 24 hours of the date of travel, with a full refund provided. No refunds will be given to guests cancelling within 24 hours of the tour. 

For SBT-Curated Multi-day Itineraries

Our multi-day cancellation policy has been relaxed as of March 18th, 2020, and is as follows, through September 2020. For travel after September, our policy will return to a 60-day cancellation policy. Final balances are due 30 days prior to travel. 

  • Can guests move their reservation to next year or receive a credit to rebook in a stated period of time? 

    Yes, we can move existing itineraries to an alternative date within 13 months of the original travel date, with no penalty applied. If rates increase from one year to the next, a balance may be due.

  • If guests are cancelling an itinerary, can they get a refund? Outside 14 days, a refund can be processed with a 10% processing penalty. Inside 14 days, the travel package is nonrefundable. Please note MANY of our partners are waiving their processing fees. All our itineraries are custom built, so if you are curious about your specific itinerary, don't hesitate to reach out to us directly! Please note: When you reschedule, please reference your initial cancelled itinerary. We will take that amount assessed in penalty charges, and apply it to your rescheduled trip.

How to reschedule and change your dates? or request a refund? 

Please email us!  Let us know your desired new date of travel. Email: [email protected]

Updated: April 22, 2020.


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