About Us

About Us

Salmon Berry Tours
Candice and Mandy
Salmon Berry Owners

We are Alaskan owned and operated!

Salmon Berry Tours was founded on the idea that life in Alaska should be fun. Throughout our history, this idea has delighted countless guests from around the world and delivered appreciation and awards. In a world of big box tours and commercialized Alaska experiences, we continue to deliver genuine and authentic Alaska hospitality, day tours and tailor made travel packages. It's a small tour philosophy and a customized experience that delivers the goods for our guests every season of the year. 

An Exclusive Partnership with Dallas Seavey Racing

He's won the Iditarod. Not just once, but four times, culminating in the 2015 Championship for sled dog racing's most illustrious prize. And through it all he's been an exclusive partner with Salmon Berry Tours. 

Safety first 

Salmon Berry Tours is fully insured, well above what is required for our business, and our drivers carry the proper training and licenses to do what we do! This is very important to us and we hope it is to you, too.